SBS Contact Adhesive
SBS Contact Adhesive is one of the best selling product of our company and have very good results.
Suitable for bonding furniture materials; good fluidity, high solid content, strong initial strength, environmental friendly.


Green clear viscous liquid without mechanical impurity

0.72 Mpa

1.5 Mpa

Low (80~100 cps, very easy to use)

Low(around 0.8kg / L)small amount of product can be spread to large area ( 2kg to spread 18 m2)


Environmental friendly
( benzene<0.1g/kg,Dissociative formaldehyde<0.05g/kg)

Around 15 minute-6 hours

aluminum-plastic board, fire-proof polywood, three-polywood, log, wood,leather, foam etc.

1.         Clean two parts to be bonded first (clean out the dirt,water or surface thickening & thinning etc.) and stir the adhesive to get better result.
2.         Evenly brush or spay the adhesive to the two parts.
3.         Let dry (around 15 mins, depending on humidity, temperature in local place). When felt dry by finger, put the two parts together and press for a while to finish the work.
4.         The boards can be used only 10 minute after they are adhered.